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Craft Cocktails on Tap


Keg Your Cocktails, Artisanal Spirits and Possibilities

Create a signature beverage program. The Beverage Tank™ is the perfect container to mix, store and dispense proprietary cocktails, spirits, cold coffee, or just about any beverage. Kegging is all about maintaining the integrity of the ingredients and reducing waste.

Beverage Tank™

The Beverage Tank™ is a robust stainless steel vessel with an integrated "A" System valve making it easy to clean and fill the tank. Use a Beverage Tank™ for still beverages, or combine with a SpinStick™ mixer base for continuous blending.


Use "Vortex Technology" to ensure the continuous blending of pre-mixed cocktails. Drop the SpinStick™ stirrer into a filled Beverage Tank™ (sold separately) and set on top of the proprietary motor base - technology takes over from there! Within minutes a gentle vortex forms inside the tank resulting in continuous mixing of the cocktail.


Liquor Management Systems by Berg®

Let's get you full control over the liquor pours in your bar. How do you know if a double is actually a double? Generous bartenders are great! – Just not very economical. The BERG liquor system helps you regain control over pour sizes and provides real data, allowing you to make data-based decisions.

Realize True Profits

Here is what becomes possible with a BERG system:

  • Control, monitor, manage and report your liquor pours
  • Get data from all your pours, and make decisions on cost and profitability based on facts
  • Reduce purchases by 25-40% by increasing inventory control
  • 10-20% increase in gross sales by accounting for all poured drinks

Remote Laser Gun System

Remote Inventory

The laser guns allow you to preprogram 48 to 96 cocktails. Simply hit the button and the cocktail mixes itself. This ensures the same exact pour every single time! Giving the customer a similarly tasting drink and you get peace of mind knowing that a double actually is a double. Using the laser gun also allows you to keep all your bottles in the back, leaving room on the shelves for your premium brands.

Single Bottle System

Give Your Bottles An Individual ID

Fast and consistent pours every time. That is what you will get with the single bottle ID system. The bottles will pour exactly the amount you want, no more, no less. Besides this, it will even report data back (on up to 200 different brands), giving you all the data you could ever dream of on your pours. For each brand you have, you can select 4 different pour sizes.