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Pour the Perfect Glass


Keg Wine

The eco-friendly keg package is the smart choice for improving profit margins and operating efficiencies. Serve wine at the optimal temperature the vintner intended! Keg wine is a great value with minimal waste and stays fresh until poured.

Savings at a glance

  • 660
  • 128
  • $290
  • $2.27
  • $8
  • $1024
  • $734
“The Micro Matic dual-temperature zone wine kegerator has been a real game changer in the premium wine by the glass category. I see premium wine on tap coupled with these Pro-Line Wine units from Micro Matic as one of the most exciting innovations in the wine business in decades.”
Jeff Barba

Director of Food & Beverage

Westin Kierland Resort & Spa

Scottsdale, AZ

New Sales Opportunities

  • Introduce customers to "NEW!"
  • Over 500 brands available and growing!
  • Think new environments / events
  • Fast pour service!
  • Added profit potential!

Keg Dispensing Ensures Quality

  • Pour consistency from the first to the last glass
  • Keep wine fresh for 90 days
  • No open bottles - wine in keg eliminates shelf-life degradation or oxidation

Improve ROI & Operating Efficiencies

  • No corks to pull, no bottles to stock or recycle
  • Realize maximum product yield
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Small footprint